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Design bundles SVG from Customvouge provide you with an excellent shopping experience as our client’s satisfaction matters a lot. Shop Customvouge high-quality unique SVG designs. Many formats like SVG, PNG, EPS, and DXF according to your need.


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SVG designs are becoming more and more broadly used in the world of DIY and custom made products. The most important feature of the SVG file format is that you can freely resize it without reducing any resolution. Check out some of the best high-quality and distinctive SVG bundles for your personal and commercial use.

What is SVG?

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is a vector file format written in XML code that is web-friendly. This kind of file uses mathematical formulas to store images. This way the size of an SVG file can be resized without restraint while the quality of the image still remains the same. Thanks to this feature, SVG format is usually used for logos and other complicated online graphics. An SVG file is easily distinguished by the .svg extension.SVG format is normally used for the following purposes:
  • Website logos and icons
  • Illustrations and infographics
  • Custom-made products such as decals, shirts, mugs, hats, doormats, door hangers and many more
  • Perfect for cutting machines such as Cricut, Silhouette, Starcraft…
SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is a vector file format written in XML code
Svg (Scalable Vector Graphics) Is A Vector File Format Written In Xml Code

Advantages and Disadvantages of SVG designs

Although SVG files have some really useful aspects, this type of format is not suitable for some uses. Let’s find out the pros and cons of an SVG file:

Advantages of SVG format

  • SVG files aren’t made up of pixels, that’s why it’s easy to keep the resolution of the SVG images no matter if you scale them up or down.
  • Basic SVG images are usually smaller in size than raster files like JPEGs.
  • SVG files treat any text information that appears on the image as literal text. That’s why search engines can easily understand any text in a SVG image and use it as a keyword. This is truly helpful as your website will potentially earn a higher position in search rankings.

Disadvantages of SVG format

  • SVG images lack pixels, which makes it difficult to display detailed photographs. In this case, JPEG is the better option.
  • SVG files can only be opened in modern browsers, Internet Explorer 8 and older browsers version might not be compatible with a SVG file.
  • In the first few times using SVG designs, you may find it quite challenging to comprehend the code contained in the images.

Best high-quality SVG designs for Cricut on Customvouge

On Customvouge, we have thousands of beautiful SVG images for Cricut. Once the payment is done, you will receive 5 electronic files in 1 zip folder:
  • 1 SVG for Adobe Suite, Silhouette, Cricut etc.
  • 1 EPS can be edited using design programs such as Illustrator
  • 1 DXF for Silhouette Studio
  • 1 PNG with transparent background
  • 1 JPG with non-transparent background
Below are some of the top-selling SVG bundles on Customvouge that you don’t want to miss:

Torn Between Lookin’ Like a Snack SVG file

This SVG design is sure to put a smile on your face as it’s full of Christmas spirit with a fun message: “Torn between looking like a snack and eating one”. With this image, you can have it printed on shirts, mugs, ornaments and so many others.
Torn Between Lookin’ Like a Snack SVG design
Torn Between Lookin’ Like A Snack Svg Design

It’s Beginning to Cost a lot Like Christmas SVG file

If you’re a big fan of hilarious puns, this SVG image should be on top of your list. The text is in red color, which makes it pop out from the crowd. The slogan is short, simple but has a strong impact.
Christmas theme SVG files for cricut
Christmas Theme Svg Files For Cricut

Stay Merry And Bright Santa Retro SVG file

The following SVG image is an excellent choice for those who adore retro style. Santa Claus is the center of attention in this design. Unlike the original Santa Claus icon we normally encounter, this version of Santa is more jolly and quite youthful, don’t you think?
Design bundles SVG Stay Merry And Bright Santa Retro
Design Bundles Svg Stay Merry And Bright Santa Retro

Grinch Hohoho SVG file

Grinch is an iconic character that shows up every Christmas. If you too are a big fan of the grumpy and cunning Grinch, then you’ll definitely love this design.
Grinch Hohoho SVG design
Grinch Hohoho Svg Design

How to open SVG designs?

After having purchased SVG images for Cricut on Customvouge, you may wonder how to open the files. Here’s how you can view your SVG file in just two steps:Step 1: Unzip the folder you have received.Step 2: Launch any browser that you’re familiar with, such as Firefox, Safari, Edge or Chrome. Then click on File > Open. Now open the unzipped folder and choose the SVG file you want to open. This type of file usually appears as an HTML icon.If you have a built-in software that supports SVG format, you can also use it to open your SVG bundles. The most popular programs are Photoshop, PaintShop Pro, CorelDRAW, Microsoft Visio…There are a bunch of gorgeous SVG designs that you can find on Customvouge. Visit our website and browse thousands of SVG images in different categories.