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Christmas Sublimation Designs

Christmas sublimation designs are just perfect to celebrate the upcoming festive season with your friends and family. If you simply do research on the Internet, you’ll see a myriad of sublimation design ideas inspired by Christmas themes. However not every image you encounter has high quality. Most free pictures are quite blurry and they will look even more blurry once printed. Don’t worry! You’ll find thousands of unique and premium sublimation designs for Christmas on Customvouge.

What is sublimation?

For those who haven’t known, sublimation is a kind of printing method which makes use of an inkjet printer, some special ink and paper. The image is firstly printed on a sublimation paper, and then combines with the surface of a blank sublimation product once the sublimation ink is exposed under the right heat source.

How to choose the right materials for sublimation printing

Materials compatible with sublimation

The sublimation ink can only be transferred and bound with the blank products which are made of polyester or coated with polymer. There are tons of products which are printable using the sublimation printing technique, including:
  • Ceramic mugs
  • Polyester mouse pads
  • Polyester cushion covers
  • Door hanger
  • Doormat
  • Flag
  • Glass can
  • Ornament
  • Poster
  • Tumbler
  • Wind spinner
  • And many more

Materials not compatible with sublimation

Sublimation is not the suitable printing technique when it comes to natural fibers (such as cotton) or items without a special polymer coating. Moreover, you may want to choose the items that are brighter in color than the sublimation ink itself, or else you won’t be able to see the image at all.

Best Christmas sublimation designs on Customvouge

Merry Christmas Ornament

Ornaments are fun and indispensable every Christmas. This sublimation design for ornament will definitely warm your heart. The front image shows two snowmen decorating a Christmas tree, while the back side of the ornament conveys the message “Let it snow”.
“Let it snow” Christmas sublimation design for ornament
“Let It Snow” Christmas Sublimation Design For Ornament

Welcome Snowman Round Door Hanger

If you want to spread the Christmas vibe, then a sublimated door hanger should be the first thing on your list. This sublimation door hanger catches everyone’s attention immediately as it has a red background. On top of it, you can see a “Welcome” text, with the head of a snowman in place of the O letter.
Snowman door hanger among the best-selling Christmas sublimation designs
Snowman Door Hanger Among The Best-Selling Christmas Sublimation Designs

Christmas True Story Tumbler

This Christmas sublimation tumbler is definitely here to stay. The design is simple yet eye-catching. Inside the letter O you can see a quick depiction of the day Jesus was born. The rest of the tumbler is decorated with black-and-red pattern, snowflakes and yellow gold leaves.
Christmas True Story sublimation tumbler
Christmas True Story Sublimation Tumbler

Santa Favorite Teacher Ornament

If you’re a teacher and looking for some Christmas ornaments to decorate your class, then you’re surely in the right place! This Santa Favorite Teacher ornament is super colorful as it has all the patterns that you’ll fall in love at first sight.
Santa Favorite Teacher sublimation design for ornament
Santa Favorite Teacher Sublimation Design For Ornament
If the above Christmas sublimation designs aren’t enough to satisfy your taste, why not check out more on Customvouge? You’ll be surprised with the biggest collection ever of beautiful sublimation designs for Christmas!